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re: Microsorum pteropus

Robert Paul H. wrote:

> Well lets say you are a wholesale grower in Florida with one or two large
> commercial size greenhouses, and you have a customer base of 100 stores.
> Each store can buy a dozen java ferns every two weeks. You stock 20 to 30
> different species of plants. Would you sell your mother java ferns for say
> $15 to $20 to the stores, or break each plant into 20 smaller plants to fill
> your orders and make several times as much money? What would be the best use
> of your limited resources?

The choice looks pretty clear-cut to me; sell a larger volume of small

I don't quibble over the cost of a premium quality plant.  Most of the
really good plants (of any kind) I've seen for sale were raised by local
hobbyists and traded to the LFS for credit.  Very few came from a
commercial supplier.

Roger Miller

P.S.  Maybe I'm slow, but I just noticed Robert Paul's article in the
June TFH, so I bought the issue.  Good article, Robert.