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Re: Growing Emersed

Hi All
I've heard the same is true of Anubias as well -- as soon as they start to
grow out of the water, they take off growing.  I've exprimented with this a
few times, but failed every time!  As soona s the leavesare lifted out of
the water, no matter how much is left underwater, they wilt and die back.
The whole plant, if not submerged completely, soon follows. . . . Anyone
have any tips on moving from Submerged to Emersed -- for anubias, java fern,
or any other plant. . . . ?

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> Subject: Growing emersed outdoors
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> >Java fern grows pretty slowly when submersed, but it usually grows
> >emersed in nature.  I suspect that commercial growers grow it emersed
> >and that it will grow that way much faster than it will grow when
> >submersed.
> Has anyone experimented with growing such plants emersed, in a tub
> outdoors? Might be a good way to beef up plant size before transplanting
> into the tank. Lots of light for free outside, they tell me.
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