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Will this create balance?

I've set up a little 5.5 gallon on my desk at work. I retrofitted the hood
with a dual daylight/actintic (sp?) compact bulb, got some laterite and a
DIY CO2 setup. In my past 5 setups, I had no problem acheiving the vaunted
evidence of photosynthesis - tiny bubbles of oxygen being expelled from my
plants. For some reason this isn't happening with this setup. I have a HOB
filter running, so most likely the surface turbulence (offset a little by
overfilling the tank just a bit so the output is not as splashy, it's just a
whisper Economy model, the small jobby-doo) is liberating the C02. I happen
to have an extra timer on hand, since I bought one incompatible with my
light plug (It needs a ground), so what I was thinking is this: During the
daytime, I could have the filter off while the lights are on. During the
evening, when the lights are off, I could have the filter on. This would
accomplish two things... First; C02 would not flee the water during the
daytime, allowing the plants to consume it. Second; (since I haven't hooked
up a bleed valve for the C02), this may help to act as a method for keeping
the pH of the tank stable overnight. 

Would this be a good idea? Does anyone else have any suggestions? What lotto
numbers should I play?

ps- the price of Java Ferns is nutty in MN too. My favorite shop sells them
for around $8 PER LEAF! But they're about a foot long and very healthy, and
it only takes one leaf to spawn a buhjillion... :)

Thanks for your input and such.

Bree R. 
bradloff at cbburnet_com