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Re: Re: algae challange

>>Wow, if keeping planted tanks was as hard as you
make it sound I would have quit a long itme ago!<<

You're right in a sense.  Keeping plants does not have
to be difficult.  But *understanding* why one has
algae, or why a plant species isn't growing can be. 
These threads are about understanding the causes of

>>Someone said early on in this
thread that ther eis perhaps more art than science to
this and I whole heartedly agree.<<

The art of algae control is a great thing.  But the
science is better.  It's just like medicine, where we
used to say, hmm, what do the other doctors say about
what works?  Versus, what does the data say when
patients and doctors are blinded?  It turns out that
the answers were radically different.  Science makes
an important contribution.

>>My tank is not a
manicured beauty ala Ammano and I will probably not
win an aquascaping contest (mostly because I just
plunk stuff in where it fits).<<

Well, that's the real kicker.  If you want a couple of
swords, a couple of crypts, I assume most people can
do this without too many problems.  But when you get
into the high light/co2 arena, more people run into
problems.  Obviously if one never has problems, it is
easy to poo-poo the discussions surrounding problems. 
But for many people, algae infestation leads to an
aquarium garage sale.

>>I do however have a ton
of plants that everyone who sees the tank comments on
and the fish seems totally happy when I occasionally
see one.<<

I'm glad it's working out for you.  There is room for
all sorts in this hobby, from people who micromanage
their tanks, to people who don't touch them for months
at a time.  By nature, I am curious as to why certain
things happen in my tank, and I enjoy discussing my
ideas with similarly-inclined individuals.  We all
have a lot to learn from each other.


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