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Re: Re: Algae Challange

Wow, if keeping planted tanks was as hard as you guys
make it sound I would have quit a long itme ago!
Inputs, outputs, measures, chemicals, dosing, testing,
poking, prodding, bah! You know what it takes for my
tank to run? I have to go in about every week or so
and pull out excess plants or old leaves. Oh and I
pour in some more water so the wife doesn't yell about
the filter making noise. Occasionally I buy a bottle
of something that sounds good at the time and pour a
little into the water that I add. This does not have
to be rocket science! Someone said early on in this
thread that ther eis perhaps more art than science to
this and I whole heartedly agree. My tank is not a
manicured beauty ala Ammano and I will probably not
win an aquascaping contest (mostly because I just
plunk stuff in where it fits). I do however have a ton
of plants that everyone who sees the tank comments on
and the fish seems totally happy when I occasionally
see one.

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