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new lighting

I just picked up my custom lights from my carpenter.

they are nice little 4 poster deals with a box to hide the bulbs from side 

the side boards on the box drop about 4 in below the bulbs so they are not 
visible from the sides.  inside the boxes are squeezed 2 double banks of 
shop lights.

the hights of the lights were made to fit my sloaping ceiling and the 
posistion of the tanks in the room.

both tanks are 20 inches deep.

the lights are 25 inches above the 55 gal  and only 5 (yes five) inches 
above the 35 gal.

1/2 of the 55 is covered with a diy screen hood (pet resistaint vinyl coated 
polyester misquito mesh).  the other half is covered with 1/8 inch 
plexiglass with a hole cut for the filter.

The 35 is covered in a simular fashion except that the screen covers all but 
the bit at the end where the filter is.  a small peice of plexi fits snug 
between the filter, the screen and the sides. (to catch the splash from the 

the fixtures are standard 4 ft shoplights.  there is a good bit of overlap 
on the 35 gal.

right now I have 2 GE plant/aqurium lights in the middle slots and 2 .99$ 
bright whites on the ends.  I will upgrade to 4 plant lights if it is 
recommended and as money permits.

the master plan on the 55 is to "screen it in" and grow emergents.  the 
screen would cover the back and sides with a removable plexi front.  I can't 
go completely opentoped because it is a rainbowfish tank.

SO, what do you guys think?

25 inch too far?
5 inch too close?

How much light do I have currently?
with 4 plant bulbs?

how much light am i losing to the screen/plexy?

should i put reflective tape around the insides of the light boxes?

What can I grow light wise?  (I'll worry about chemistry later, one 
expendature at a time please)
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