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AzGardens.com Just Made My Day

I can't believe it and I'm so happy. I had a problem with the 
shipment of SAE's that I received from AZGardens.com last week. All 
but two of the fish were dead on arrival, probably due to exposure to 
extreme heat somewhere in transit. I contacted azgardens today about 
this. What I expected and what I got were two different things:

I expected to have to eat the loss. In fact, I thought this was 
probably reasonable, since mail ordering fish is such a gamble 
anyway. But I did want to let them know that there was a problem, so 
they would be aware.

What I got as a result of that call was above and beyond what I might 
have even hoped for. They are taking care of the problem and sending 
me more fish. Now, that is customer service with a smile and possibly 
more than they should have done for me.

Wow. Sorry for babbling about this, but I'm just very pleasantly surprized.