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Public Service Announcement: SAEs for Sale in Colorado

The last time I was in Neptune's at University and County Line Road (just 
south of Denver), their plant tanks were full of SAE's.  Mostly small ones, 
but they took my two 3-inch plus guys in trade and had a couple more larger 
ones already in the tanks.  The plant tanks were also full of Amano shrimp 
and some bigger shrimp (rock shrimp?).  Anyway huge things that didn't move 
while the SAEs and Amano shrimp fled the net with great success.  I don't 
remember the price, but it wasn't excessive.

I've always been able to find small SAEs at Denizens of the Deep in Fort 
Collins, and cruising various PetsMarts in the Denver and outlying areas 
almost always will find you a tank with some, although I've never bought 
any from them.

They just aren't that hard to get in the Denver area.

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
Ellen O'Connell
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com