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Re:CO2 question

Well, I finally got the real deal!  I got canister CO2 for my birthday, and 
everything is going well, but I was wondering where the best place is for the 
diffuser.... Currently I have it in the corner of the tank opposite my filter 
intake.  It is just bubbling up to the surface, and though my CO2 readings 
are 25-29, I was wondering if it would not be better to have the diffuser 
directly under the intake so that they would get "processed" by my canister 

Thanks in advance for your input, 
PS  I have photos of my tank!!!!!  I would appreciate it if someone could 
email me directly and tell me how I could put them up somewhere for free.  I 
never paid much attention to that stuff, because I didn't expect to get a 
digital camera.  I would be pleased as punch to share my photos with the list 
since my success with this, my first tank, is a direct result of this list.