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Public Service Announcement: SAEs for Sale in Colorado

Hi everyone,

About a month ago, I asked an LFS about getting some SAEs, but the
owner never got back with me until now. In the meantime, I ordered
some from AZ Gardens.  Well today, I got a call from the LFS owner who
tells me he is expecting 50 SAEs (the real thing - verified by
scientific name) ) this Thursday in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

He has offered to me, as many as I wish, for the mere price of $1.99

The store is "Neptune's Realm: in Colorado Springs. 

Phone number is: 1-719-471-9154

I'll probably go down there on Friday to see them a get a few more. 

Sheesh, if I'd only waited a few more weeks, I probably could have
saved a fortune in shipping.

PS:  I haven't received any digests since 07-05-01. I guess the
problem has caught up with me to?

E.W. Marshall
Colorado Rockies