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Re: Texas fish and plants

>>Last week we noticed some red flashes in the water
and thought we saw a red finned fish.  I read through
my old Innes book and found a reference to the only
Characin in the USA (Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus). 
We returned to the site this weekend with a net and
caught about a dozen fish.  One is much more colored
than the others.  I have two photos of them at the
bottom of this web page:

Steve, looks like you are having a lot of fun.  About
a year ago I went to Brazos Bend state park and did a
bit of poking around.  Sounds like, from you, that it
may be against the rules to take plants.  Well, I may
or may not have collected some plants while I was
there <ahem>.  One of which was spatterdock, which
looks a lot like your prized sword.  Wavy green
leaves, somewhat variegated, grows very fast.  If I am
right, then it will eventually put out floating leaves
(which you should snip immediately).  The only
downside to this plant is that the leaves are not that
long-lasting, and I found that I had to clip them. 
And that leaves me with a cut stem showing.  If the
plant flowers, it will be a nice yellow.  (assuming I
am right with the ID).  I no longer have any
specimens, because I got tired of cutting the floating
leaves.  But I did trade one to a member of this list.
 Maybe he has more long-term experience to report. 
but overall it is like a cross between a sword and
apog, very beautiful.

And now about the red fish.  While at the park, I
noticed a little red fish that I saw for only a
moment.  I asked Bobby at Village Tropical Fish
(Shepherd and 59) what it was, and I recall that he
gave me an answer, but I don't remember what he said. 
So if you ever run by there, you might ask him.  Btw,
they look really cool.  I'm jealous.  :)


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