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Re: Najas id

Hi Cavan,

It sounds like you have the same plant as I've
had for a while. I got it from a friend as N
Guadelupensis and I've used the Tepoot book to
confirm that. I saw the same plant in the wild
in Florida, which would seem to point to 
N Guadelupensis since it is a native. So Tepoot
is probably right.

I've recently used it as a start-up plant in my 
new 120G tank. This plant grows amazingly fast
so it works really well in this role. However,
it has the annoying property of having very
fragile growing tips which break off in multiple
little bits when you try to pull it out of your tank. 
These little bits settle all over your tank and within 
a week they will have grown into stems reaching 
halfway to the surface. If you ignore them for another
couple of weeks, they'll have take over the tank. 
I have come to consider this plant a noxious weed,
just slightly above algae in terms of desirability.
I just threw away a bucketful of the plant. I didn't 
even want to sell the plants to a LFS because I did 
not want to inflict this nuisance on anyone who 
didn't realize what they were getting into. I don't
think I'll ever get completely rid of it. You have
been warned;-)


> the "guadalupensis" pictured in Baensch 2.  Looks more
> like the "guadalupensis" in Teepoot.  Which is which? 
> The stuff I have has very thin, needle-like leaves.

Mr. I L K K A   K A L L I O
San Jose, CA

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