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adding phosphate

 I have a 5 gallon high light - 40 watt CF - and compresses CO2, 20 - 30
ppm, tank. After playing with RO in order to get rid of BBA and staghorn
the only thing I obtained was that all my plants besides glosso stopped
growing in spite of careful reconstruction with Kent RO wright and some
extra Ca and Mg plus Flourish.
 After going slowly back to half RO half tap water, which gave me 5 KH, 6
GH, 10 ppm N,  0.1ppmPO4 the tennelus is still "on holding".
The reason to use half RO is that my tap has around 80 ( ! ) ppm N, so
after 1 gallon water change I got the above 10 ppm N. 
I also add KCl and Flourish and the substrate is enriched with Duplarite.

 I suspect that  PO4 might be the culprit and I wander what I could use to
increase the concentration. And also I would like to use something that
would  not affect my Ph. 

 Thanks for your sugestions,