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Najas id

I collected some wild Najas sp from a Pennsylvania
waterway.  Very neat looking stuff.  It looks like
either the N. guadalupensis on page 43 of volume 2 of
the Baensch Atlas or the N. indica on the following

If you look in the Teepoot book, the N. guadalupensis
pictured there doesn't look much at all like the N.
guadalupensis pictured in the Baensch Atlas.  It does
look like the indica on the next page.  

I'm guessing that my plant is more likely the
guadalupensis since that is a native plant and the
indica is Asian.  Maybe not, but they look very

One problem though.  In a trade with Chuck Gadd a
while back, he sent me some of what he called Najas
guadalupensis.  Looking at the picture in the Baensch
Atlas now, it doesn't look at all like that species,
but it does match the N. guadalupensis in the Teepoot
book.  I have seen this plant at club auctions as a
pond plant.  It has much wider a longer leaves than
the "guadalupensis" pictured in Baensch 2.  Looks more
like the "guadalupensis" in Teepoot.  Which is which? 
The stuff I have has very thin, needle-like leaves.

Confused?  I am (maybe my confusing, rambling post
didn't help - this was hard to explain succinctly).

Thanks, Cavan

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