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Re: yellowish cuttings

>>Hi. I'm having trouble with my 100gal.  Most of my
plants are growing great but cuttings of elodea, pearl
weed and riccia will not become established.  They all
turn yellowish and sickly within a few days in this
tank. This is a new and very upsetting situation for

"New" meaning that they used to grow well?

>>The tank specifics: 3 watts/gallon CF lighting,
compressed CO2, Fe ~0.1 ppm, pH ~8, KH 6, GH 6, no
ammonia, no nitrates.<<

Maybe there isn't enough nitrogen. how often do you do
water changes?  Too many water changes can mean
depletion of nitrogen.  Too little can lead to
depletion of other things as the plants use them
(calcium for example).

>>Today in an attempt to remedy the problem I've
doubled the KNO3 in my PMDD and turned up the bubble
rate on the CO2.  Based on the KH and pH the CO2 was
basically zero even though the CO2 was bubbling into
the reactor at several bubbles per second!<<

I wonder why your PH is so high.  What is the pH of
your tap water?  As compared to the pH of your tank
water with co2.

My experience with PMDD is that it is adequate for the
most part.   But I got better results with the
commercial stuff (seachem and tmg).  If things don't
improve I would make the modest investment of trying
one of these products.

On my website I have a chart that shows the symptoms
of various nutrient deficiencies, which I obtained
from one of my biology text books.  One of the key
delineations is whether it is old or new growth that
displays changes in coloration.  Go to the tech link,
if interested.  http://www.geocities.com/anwestover


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