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Filtering DIY CO2

Hi All!
 I'm busy setting up a DIY CO2 system for my tank.  I have a 10gal tank with
an eclipse hood, where my plants are slowly dying. ( As soon as I get the
CO2 running I'm going to work on learning about nutrients.)  My plan for the
CO2 is to use 2 bottles, one for generation and one for overflow protection.
I would like to filter the CO2 before it gets to the tank, hopefully this
will reduce the slime build-up.  I'm thinking that I can use the second
bottle to filter by having a layer of carbon at the bottom of the bottle,
then running the inlet tube for the CO2 under the carbon.  Maybe using a
bubble-curtain to spread out the CO2 a little, and also maybe using a micron
filter pad on top of the carbon.  Do you think this will do any good, or is
it a fancy way of getting nowhere?

Thanks for your comments.
Lorna (in Savannah).

PS I've reposted this message because I don't think it made it onto the list
last time.  If this is a duplicate post, I'm sorry.