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Yellowish cuttings

Hi. I'm having trouble with my 100gal.  Most of my plants are growing great but cuttings of elodea, pearl weed and riccia will not become established.  They all turn yellowish and sickly within a few days in this tank.  This is a new and very upsetting situation for me.  The tank specifics: 3 watts/gallon CF lighting, compressed CO2, Fe ~0.1 ppm, pH ~8, KH 6, GH 6, no ammonia, no nitrates.  Today in an attempt to remedy the problem I've doubled the KNO3 in my PMDD and turned up the bubble rate on the CO2.  Based on the KH and pH the CO2 was basically zero even though the CO2 was bubbling into the reactor at several bubbles per second!  If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions about this I'd love to hear from you.  Pearl weed is one of my favorite plants so I'd really like to grow it successfully in this tank.     
Laurel Merrell
4th (and final!) Year PharmD Student
University of Washington