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Re: Re:Flourite's best deal around

Let me also add my own personal preference, ( I somehow feel a need to
choose my own words more carefully now, I dont want to be sued by either
Shultz or Seachem)

I like Profile/Schultz very much. I found Profile much easier to work with,
lighter weight, and much less dust. Its very porous and has a very high CEC,
and holds 02 well. Asthetically, I like the light tan color in many respects
over the dark red/brown of Flourite. It looks just as natural...just a
different look. Factor all that and the cost..Profile was a no brainer for
me. Having just relocated over a dozen tanks including a 100 gallon and two
55 gallon tanks, I would have spent a not so small fortune if I went all

Robert Paul H
Where the customer matters
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