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Re: Going filter less

David Berryman wrote:

> There is very little circulation in the tank now compared to the two
> bio-wheel filters that were hooked up to it.  Is this ok?  I mean the
> circulation is very little.  I have never done without a filter so I guess I
> am a little concerned.

Some people report that their unfiltered tanks do very well with little
circulation. I prefer to keep the water well-circulated.

I have several unfiltered tanks. I keep a powerhead running in the tanks
for circulation.  I also bubble CO2 into the powerhead inlet, so the
powerhead doubles as a cheap CO2 reactor.  It isn't as efficient as your
reactor, but it doesn't cost $90, either.
> Another question is....since there is minimal circulation will this also
> help cut down on the amount of algae?

I don't think that reduced circulation is going to do anything to help
with algae problems.

Roger Miller