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Re: Horror and disaster

Well.....I just got my first non-DIY CO2 setup last week. A wonderful high pressure setup that I didn't watch as carefully as I should've. Followed all of the directions (almost), and thought everthing was beautiful.

I emptied a whole 10lb cannister into a 29 gal when a check valve relaxed and killed off my trio of prize red x red cacatuoides and about 8 ottos while I was at the beach for one night......

an observation:

*Before: When originally setup, it took about 12.5 psi to power 3 bubbles every 2 seconds.

After: 5.5 psi

Nothing compares to the guilt of the feelng of being a rotten owner to a pet that you love. Not to scare anyone off, but please be carefull when dealing with stuff you may not be familiar with all the way. For sure, it was my fault not the systems.

Some lessons are harder to learn than others,