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Re: Going filter less

>>There is very little circulation in the tank now
compared to the two bio-wheel filters that were hooked
up to it.  Is this ok?  I mean the circulation is very
little.  I have never done without a filter so I guess
I am a little concerned.<<

Dave, I think we need to know the specs on your tank
first.  Size of tank, fish load, lights, etc.

I would think that you would need circulation to help
distribute co2.  Try measuring co2 levels close to
your reactor, and then far.  See if there is a

A filter in an established tank does primarily two
things IMO:

1.  provides circulation
2.  mechanical filtration

You might have decreased water clarity during the
times that stuff gets kicked up from the substrate.

>>Another question is....since there is minimal
circulation will this also
help cut down on the amount of algae?<<

I have heard people say that stagnant water is good
breeding grounds for BGA.  Have I had BGA in stagnant
areas?  Yes.  But whether the connection is very
strong, I don't know.


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