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More about SAEs from AZ Gardens Today

I ordered mine on the 21st of June, and experienced a several day backorder.
They arrived today, and were left on my porch by Fedex where, I think,
they sat for 2 hours until someone else contacted me and told me that
theirs had arrived mostly DEAD - needless to say, I ran to the porch
immediately and found the box there. The packaging was same as everyone else.
All 6 were alive and well, but not much bigger than fry. One the other hand,
someone who lives about an hour from me, and at 4,000' lower altitude,
lost 12 out of 14 today. I think the temp and packaging had a lot to do with it.
It'about 90 degrees at her place, and 70 at mine because I live at 9,200'. Looking
at the packaging more carefully, I noticed that the styrofaom in the
cardboard box consists of "panels" which are not 100% sealed along the
edges. With the heat able to get in through the seams, it seems
logical to me that these boxes could become an oven in higher temps - and
perhaps that is why some people are experiencing the high losses with
this latest shipment from AZ Gardens?

- Emmett