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RE: Flourite's best deal around

>From: "James Purchase" <jppurchase at Home_com>
>Subject: Re: Flourite's best deal around
>With a fired clay product, such as Flourite and Profile, most of the
>minerals native to the clay from which is was made are probably locked in
>place by the heat used during processing and manufacturing. Most, but not
>all, because Profile will affect the water parameters in tanks where it is
>used (some of the Ca and Mg dissolve out of the Profile). The base clay
>in Flourite is much lower in Ca and Mg than that used for Profile and
>Flourite doesn't noticeably affect water quality parameters. Over time,
>of those locked in minerals might become available to the plants, but
>probably not many. I would prefer to think of both Flourite and Profile as
>potential long term sources of very low levels of nutrients - both probably
>need supplementation (water borne nutrients) in tanks with heavy plant
>James Purchase

Please note the above is a small portion of the original message.

James, I think Flourite is a mined product.  Mined like laterite, not
man-made like profile.  I'm just trying to help prevent a lawsuit against
you. :)