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SAEs and Shrimp

I also ordered Shrimp from AZ Gardens. I ordered a dozen and all arrived on
time (about 10:30am) and alive. Packaging was identical to that described by
Scott. I had also ordered SAEs but cancelled that when I found a local
source ($6.99 a pop...more expensive but I didn't need the AZ Gardens
minimum order of 6). I also ordered some MTS which never did ship to me (I
was never billed for them either) and my inquiry regarding them went
unanswered. Additionally, I ordered 4 bunches of Heteranthera Zosterifolia
that arrived pale and none too healthy. It might have recovered had my
swordtails not taken a liking to it. All in all, I'd probably order shrimp
from them again as it's the only source I know of. I might order plants from
them again in the cooler months.

I've ordered from trueaqariumplants.com and received plants in pretty good
condition, all of which recovered to full vigor. Their service is excellent
in my limited experience.