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Son of Administrivia

Think you know all there is to know about posting to the APD?  Test your 
skills by answering the following questions with either True or False.

1. The APD accepts emails written in rich text (HTML, etc.).
2. Once you're signed up with the APD, you can post from any address as 
   long as your name is in the email headers.
3. Email for the APD should be sent to aquatic-plants-owner at actwin_com 
4. You can send image files and other attachments to the APD.
5. You can receive the APD as individual posts instead of as a digest.
6. Anyone can post to the APD.
7. The ListMom has nothing to do all day but monitor the list, fix the 
   mistakes subscribers make and edit their improperly formatted emails and
   forward them to the list.

The answer to ALL of these is FALSE.

1.  Email to the APD must be in plain text.  All others are routed to La 
    Trash Can.
2.  Email to the APD must be sent from the address you used when you 
    subscribed. Email from addresses that are not in the subscriber file 
    are routed to La Trash Can as non-subscriber posts (see #6).
3.  Emails intended for the list must be sent to aquatic-plants at actwin_com
    That aquatic-plants-owner address is ME.
4.  ALL email that includes an attachment is routed to La Trash Can. This 
    is done to eliminate those pesky viruses that some people pass around 
    (knowingly or unknowingly).
5.  Duh, it's the Aquatic Plants DIGEST, people :)
    You can, however, read and reply to individual posts via the APD 
    archives at http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/index.php  
    Click on "This months's messages" 
6.  One must be subscribed to the APD in order to post to it.  The APD 
    receives, on average, 20 emails per day offering solutions to the agony 
    of debt, the agony of impotence, the agony of small genitalia, the agony 
    of athletes foot and the agony of making less than $1 million a 
    week.  But you never see this garbage because the folks sending it 
    aren't subscribed.  Wanna guess where it goes?
7.  The ListMom has a life, pathetic as it may be.  The ListMom figures 
    "her" subscribers are pretty bright folks who can read and puzzle out 
    how to post to the list.  The ListMom will not de-code your HTML 
    email and she probably won't even write to you to tell you that you're 
    writing in HTML. The ListMom has confidence in your ability to work it 

If you got all of the above questions correct, email me - you'll receive 
your very own, "I played APD Administrivia and proved that the ListMom's 
high opinion of my intelligence is warranted" email.  Suitable for 
framing :)

Thanks for playing APD Administrivia this month!

APD ListMom