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Another lame attempt at intimidation

Last month, on 20 June 2001, I posted a message (month200106/msg00477.html)
with the subject line "A rose by any other name..."

Many times here on the APD we see people making assumptions and
generalizations. The one that comes most to my mind is how so many people
refer to just any red soil or clay as "laterite". My post was an attempt to
prevent a similar extrapolation from occuring when dealing with the then
current "boil du jour".

In the days before I made the above noted post, there seemed to be some
confusion over which of a number of apparently related companies was the
subject of a negative BBB report. Given the eagerness for the principal of
at least one of those companies to sue, I made the post in an effort to make
folks aware that maybe it would be best to do some research before making
any assumptions or accusations surrounding the customer service and/or
business practices of any firm or firms.


On 22 June 2001, [Redacted], telling him that my
original posting to the APD was purely for list member's information, and
was in no way any indication that I supported him or his company one way or
the other. [Redacted]

Yesterday (02 July 2001) [Redacted]
It is posted here together with the quoted portions of the earlier


Thank you again,

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