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Re: CO2 suppliers and quality

At 03:48 PM 7/2/01 -0400, Michael wrote:
>I was originally going to buy a tank from a local gas supply company. I
>checked them out and they only trade cylinders each time you come in.
>The cylinders were kinda beat up and dirty looking. Now I'm wondering if
>there will be moisture in them or the quality of gas may be different
>from what I need.

I couldn't disagree more with the writings of one of my competitors.  I 
have 300+ customers happily using beverage and welding CO2 (they are the 
same incidentally).  No CO2 tank will survive water contamination, the 
resulting acid will rust out the tank.   And yes, the tanks are grungy 
looking.   But I just live with that.  If it worried me a lot, I would knit 
a cylinder-cosy.  Anyone out there want to do that for me?  There is a 
medical grade CO2 but my guess is that it is the same CO2 which has been 
tested for purity, instead of just being assumed to be pure.

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