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Re: Riccia and CO2

> I was just wondering if Riccia can determine whether CO2 level is sufficient
> or not under optimal lighting. My lighting is 72 watts compact flourescent,
> about 10 cm above water level, and my Riccia is about 20 cm below water
> level. However, they took about 2-3 hours to have visible O2 bubbles and my
> CO2 setup is a DIY yeast-sugar solution placed directly in the water. I do
> not  wish to buy a CO2 test kit if there's any but I want to know if CO2 is
> sufficient in my tank.

Well can you afford a simple pH kit and KH kit for 4$ ea? Guessing with
plants is dicey. I can do it to a certain amount but I'd rather know than
guess in every case if I was unsure. Wouldn't you? Suppose it's not the CO2
at all? Then what?

>I wish to know how fast those keeping submersed
> Riccia had bubbles upon 1st light. Thanks.

2-3 hours sounds about right sometimes less. How big is your tank, KH and
You got a great light but you want to be cheap on the CO2. Try the other way
around. Cheap light and good CO2. Lights are cheap for the shop lights and
T-8 set ups. PC are great etc if you afford them but it doesn't help if you
only got half the car so to speak. And your not sure what gas(nutrients) it
takes either. We've recently had a fellow with 0.00ppm of PO4 had his whole
lawn of Riccia go to toast. CO2/light etc. It may not be CO2 at all. Adding
more CO2 won't tell you if you have enough or not.
Tom Barr