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Willow moss

Hi everyone,

I have a large driftwood that is covered with
algae that looks like dark green grass carpet.
Since my family and friends find them very pretty,
I left them growing on the driftwood.  However, it
has managed to cover the entire upper surface of
the driftwood and now invading the gravel in the
front.  So I decided to get rid of the algae and
replace them with something that gives me a
similar effect but a bit more manageable.  I
thought about willow moss after seeing them in
Amano's Aqua Journal and Do Aqua! magazines.  The
step by step instruction shows an up close view of
the willow moss.  They seem to resemble Java moss
a lot in the up close view.  Can someone tell me
the difference?  I have some Java moss on hand.
Would Java moss work just as well or should I
stick with willow moss?  If willow moss is the one
to use, can someone recommend where to get them?
I am in North Alabama.