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Why is my freshwater tank always very acidic?

I have a 3 ft Discus community tank, runs on UGF with 30 watts plant
fluorescent lighting. Substrate is just normal sand. The tank is only
half-filled because of leakage near the top, so I estimate that the total
vol of water is 72 L. The problem is that no matter how much water change
I've done, its always very acidic. My PH test kit can only measure down to
5.0, but I guess my water is even lower than that. I've done 75% water
change in a period of 2 weeks but the PH never goes up. My tapwater is
slightly alkaline with a PH of 8.0. I have very few plants, about a dozen of
baby parviflorus sword and some common stem plants with no CO2. However,
there are about 3 large pieces of driftwood. 1 of which is about 10 yrs old
which frequently produces white fungus-like hair on it. So, I'm suspecting
that the driftwood is the cause of the high acidity. But my fishes have no
problem with that. However, plants are not doing well though. Advice pls.