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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1124

Damian wrote about setting up 3 different types of planted tanks. (A)
with 1 watt of light and no CO2, (B) with 2 watts of light and some CO2,
and (C) with 3 watts of light and CO2.

I have been keeping around 30 planted tanks for many years now and I
know you can do this.  The key is finding the right balance of fish,
plants, nutrients and water changes.  Since I maintain so many tanks
most of mine are 2 watts of light with no CO2 and 2 watts of light
plants.  The high light/Co2 tanks are nice, but lots of work.  Overall,
I really enjoy the diversity. After a few years, each tank evolves into
a different look.  Also with time you just develop an understanding for
each tank.  You can tell just by looking when it's time to add
nutrients, etc.

So I hope you will give your idea a try.  I'm sure you will learn a
great amount by doing it.

Joe Hildreth