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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1123

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<< Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 23:03:40 -0400
 From: "kidt cordry" <kidtt at hotmail_com>
 Subject: mussels
 Since there doesn't seem to be an aquatic invertabrate list (if there is 
 someone give me the link) and plants are nearest to sedentary mullusks....
 Anybody know anything about keeping mussels alive in an aquarium?
 Every site I check suggests that it is difficult to do, but none of them 
 ever say how to do it.
 I am doing long range prepurchase research on bitterlings.  Any body know 
 where I can get korean oily bitterlings, or any type for that matter, in the 
 - -kidt

Mussels are easy to keep but you have to cater to their needs. Mussels need a 
fine substrate such as sand and the aquarium should not be filtered. An air 
stone or bubble wand should provide aeration if needed. Muscles filter out 
the detritus as much (maybe more) than water born algae. So a tank that has 
it's bottom cleaned starves the clams. I have been keeping mussels for years 
in my plant tanks and they do well even reproducing. In the one tank I have 
kept close track of I have several generations of mussels, probably dozens of 
individuals from only 6 adults I started with Any type of filtration will 
result in them starving to death. BTW there are native North American 
bitterlings, why send all the way for Korean fish?