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Mixing Compact Fluorescents and other bulbs

In APD 1120 Ty Cole mentioned he might use the AH Supply 2x55 Bright Kit
in the front of his 75 gallon aquarium and a 4 foot T-12 or T-8 across
the back. I thought I would share an experience I had with different
intensity lights.  I used to have a 10 gallon tank with a Coralife
Trichromatic Daylight in the front and a Vitalight in the back.  The
plants toward the back of the tank used to curve and grow towards the
Coralife light.  I thought it looked unattractive and I changed the
lights.  I would suspect with the AH Supply compact fluorescents in front
and a T-12 or T-8 in the back that the plants in back would grow towards
the front of the tank.  

I just thought I would share my experience to help you make your
decision.  I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this
before.  I have one compact fluorescent strip a friend gave me and I
would love to add it to my 50 gallon and keep my Triton in the back of
the tank but I fear the same thing would happen.  How do the plants know
the lights are so much brighter in another part of the tank?  Maybe not
all plants do this.  My rotala rotundifolia and hygros did this the most


Part of his post follows:

"another idea I had so that my lighting was not so
intense was to run the 2 x 55 watt across the front of
the tank for the carpet plants and a 4-foot T-12 or
T-8 across the back.  That would give me around 150
watts of light but not be as intense as using 3 x 55
watt Bright Kits and should eliminate the dark corners
in the back."
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