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RE AH Supply Lights for moderate light on 75 gallon

Since you are building the Hoods in which to mount the lights, why not
make the hoods tall enough that you can mount the lights on blocks. 
Then, if you decide you want the lights closer to or farther from the
top glass, you can change to taller or shorter blocks.  PCs are likely
to add heat to your tank, so you might also want to make the hoods
large enough to house a cooling fan in case you decide to add one or
more later on.

Most of the electricity that goes into any light flourescent bulb is
shed as heat.  So on hot days with 3-4 watts/gal sitting over the
glass, the tank temp might rise up farther over 80 than you would like.
 Then you will want to either raise the lights higher fro the glass,
add fans, or otherwise increase ventilation.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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