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Re: AH Supply Lights for moderate light on 75 gallon

Ty Cole wrote:

>In summary could I light a 75
>gallon tank with 2 x 55 kit or do I need more light. 
>For me personally I'm looking for moderate light but I
>do want to grow some carpet plants and the above
>plants I mentioned.  Would the 2 x 96 watt be a better
>alternative or will I still have shaded areas?  I
>would love to know also how everyone mounts their
>lights and how close to the cover glass they rest.


I set up a 75 gallon about 8 months ago with the AH Supply 2x55 watt kit.
It also has gas CO2.  I too wanted slower growth and moderate maintenance
requirements.  The lights are mounted in the center about three inches above
the cover glass.  This tank projects from the wall in a medical center
waiting area so patients can view from three sides.  The end furthest from
the wall is planted with Dwarf Sag. and it does very well.  It has spread to
all sides of the tank so it seems happy with the lighting, despite being
central.  The remaining 2/3 of the tank has a few small (but tall) driftwood
stumps planted with Anubias nana and Java fern, with some Crypt. balansae
between the driftwood "roots".  Along the sides are some Crypt. wendtii,
red.  I use some Heteranthera dubia on the wall-end as fast growers and to
hide heaters and filter intake.

I think you will be happy with the 2x55 kit based on your desires.  As James
said, you can easily add more later if desired.

I also maintain a 125 gallon that has the 2x96 kit centrally mounted.  I
think it would be too much in your case, based on your desire for slower
growth.  These lights really do pack a punch.  On the 125 I have a nice
carpet of Hygrophilla difformis occupying the middle 1/3 or so.  It didn't
start out that way, but it preferred hugging the substrate so I let it go,
and now I really like the look.

Best of luck and have fun!

Mike Grace