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Re: Big Al's and TPP

Chin wrote:
>I bought from Big Al's a couple of times in
>the past 6 months.  Both times, Big Al and
>his staff were a pleasure to deal with, and
>I'd certainly buy from him again. 
>I also had a good experience the one time
>I bought from www.thatpetplace.com.

TPP is my primary source and I have NEVER had a bad experience with
them. In fact they freely corrected a problem with a Fluval 404 I didn't
even buy from them when Hagen's CS denied there was a problem.

The last time I tried to order fish food from Big Al's I was informed
all fish food was under quarantine. This was a few months ago. I assume
everything is OK now? BTW, Big Al's CS people are very nice from my
experience. :-)