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Re: Zoomed bulbs

Someone asked about the Zoomed T8s.  After using
regular T12 flourescents, I got a Sylvania
"electronic" ballast from an electrical supply and
hooked two Zoomed bulbs up.  One 6500k and one 8500k
(forget the names).  Definitely a step up from
standard flourescent.  A nice, crisp looking light
that grew plants well.  Still didn't keep the
internode distance short on some Limnophila, but that
may have been from other causes.  The bulba last a
year or so too.  Not bad.

But, my next step was up to AH Supply PCFs.  I still
have the Zoomeds up front, but if I had to do it all
over again, I would go straight to the PCF unit.  Much
brighter and longer lasting.


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