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Re: Big Al's

Brett A. wrote:
"I also have had only positive experience with Big Al's (despite the shady
sounding name...

The name is a sly reference to the owner, Al Saul. He's a big man, a nice
guy, and there's nothing shady about him. I first met him over 15 years ago
and have never met anyone who has had a harsh word to say about him. From
one store, the "Big Al's" franchise has grown and expanded into a
signifigant retail presence here in Ontario. His online venture appears to
be comprehensive, competative and very well done (although, since the Big
Al's retail stores are close at hand, I've not dealt with the online

Hard work, dedication to service and a good business sense have definately
paid off for him. You won't find Al Saul suing his customers.

James Purchase