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Re: Curly leaves

Hey Will,

If your macros are in order, then you may want to look a little closer at a couple of other things. Namely calcium or boron. You didn't mention if any of the other faster growing plants showed any deficiency symptoms, but let me relate a personal anecdote:

I had a 10 gal going for a while that I was *very* proud of. About 6 months went by and I noticed that my E. parviflorous var. "Tropica" was developing more and more deformed leaves. Severely crinkled and getting lighter with each new leaf. Ludwigia arcuata had its growing tips die off, and Hydrocotyle leucocephala turned white and stopped growing.

It turns out that I was deficient in virtually every nutrient, but the one that caused the contortion and small growth was calcium. I have very soft water and I have to supplement calcium carbonate and magnesium (as well as potassium and micros) at water changes or else I quickly get "the stunt". 

If you don't have hard water, your problem may be boron. you can easily fix that in a couple of weeks by adding a very small amount of borax or boric acid to your water column. I took my planting tweezers and dipped the end in  the water and just dusted the end of the tip. Then I swished it in my filter box. A couple weeks later, all better.

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler