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what size tank?

  Hello all,
     I'm about to move to another town, and I've been thinking that my 
new place would look so much nicer with that new bigger tank I've 
been wanting!  I currently have a 25 gallon tank.  I'd like a bigger 
tank, and while i've found some good deals on 55 gallon tanks, I 
think that a 55 gallon just might be a little too big for me to move and 
deal with.   So, I'm asking for tank size suggestions.  Are say, 40 
gallon tanks available?  Would an empty 40 gallon or so be very 
much lighter and easier to move than a 55?
      And secondly, since the tank will mostly take up my spending 
budget, what is a good filter that the APD'ers recommend for tanks 
this size that doesn't cost too much?

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