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Bubbling Plants!

Seeing as everything seems to be quiet I thought I'd
take the opportunity to gloat:-).
I've finally got my plants to pearl. Well, it's more
like I'd added hydrogen Peroxide to the tank, they're
bubbling away that much:-).
The thing that finally did it was adding CO2. I know,
I know, I shoulda dun it ages ago, but I've just
moved and it's taken me a while to fix it all up. But
wow, was it worth it. A 120 litre tank, 150W MH
lamps, peat, kitty litter and potting soil substrate
with gravel cap and water at 2KH <1GH. I'll now have
to keep an eye on acidity and hardness, I suppose:-).
I'm adding fertiliser  (don't know it's name or,
unfortunately the ingredients, TMG will be bought
when I can get to the nearest shop to here that sells
it, about 50 miles:-(). There is so much oxygen
bubbling in the water that it's forming pockets of
air in the water hyacinth roots:-). Unfortunately
I've now got a bit of a scum forming on the surface,
I'll have to do something about it in a couple of
days if it doesn't go away.
Thanks to all on the list. I'd also be happy to
contribute to a legal fighting fund if it's needed,
even though I am not personally under threat as I
live in the EU, just about the only place in the
world that doesn't appear to bow instantly to
political muscle from the US of A. Power to the

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