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Re: Flagfish and Filter


I have another amazing fish story.  I had bought some SAE, approximately 1.0
long.  I also purchased a new filter (upgraded from the Fluval 303 to 304).
I hooked up the new one and decided to leave the old one going for a while.
Two weeks
later, I was missing one SAE... found no body.  Got busy and didn't get around
to unhooking
the old one till another two weeks later.  When I was taking it out, I noticed
that one of
the vertical bars on the strainer  had somehow broken out.  Well, anyways, I
was dumping
the scummy water into the sink only to find my missing SAE flopping around in
my sink.
He was a little more than half the  size of his tank mates.  He was pale and
his fins were
slightly  ragged, but nothing too serious .  I put him back in the tank and now
no longer tell the difference between him and his tankmates.  He lived at least
weeks in that scummy, yucky, filter!  Amazing.

-Cindy - currently battling a green water problem after an anacharis melt
down.  The
tank has been covered for 4.5 days and I am taking the blankets off tonight.  I
this works.  I've been doing the diatom filter thing, but it just wasn't
working.  I gave
the tank a good diatom filter before I covered it, so hopefully, this will have

> WOW!!......Now that's a story.
> hehe.....buy that fish a treat.