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Re: Dupla products .....was...Storing Plants

William Lynn wrote:

"After 12 yrs, I am finally moving. I have a 100gal Dupla setup. I just
recently ran out of the Dupla fertilizers, etc as well.
A couple of questions:"

"Substitutes for the Duplarit (the laterite) and Duplaplant (Tabs and
I do have a address for the English Dupla site(I think) and is J.P. Burleson
still active (I noticed is has a few Dupla things for sale but is this

The Burleson site and info is years out of date (as far as I know, he sells
orchids now). Forget that as a source of Dupla products, as he lost the
rights to import Dupla products a few years ago.

But if you are happy with Dupla fertilizers, there is no reason to not
continue using them.......Edward at Monolith Marine Monsters can get you
Duplarit, Duplaplant and Duplaplant 24. The new authorized U.S. importer is
Hawaiian Marine Imports - any store that carries Hawaiian Marine products
should be able to get you Dupla fertilizers.

I used to buy Dupla products direct from Dupla UK but that was before
Hawaiian Marine could bring the stuff in and the shipping charges were very
high. Now that there is an authorized U.S. importer, I doubt that Dupla UK
will sell to hobbyists on this side of the Atlantic, and it really wouldn't
be worth it.

James Purchase