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Storing plants....

After 12 yrs, I am finally moving. I have a 100gal Dupla setup. I just
recently ran out of the Dupla fertilizers, etc as well.
A couple of questions:

Substitutes for the Duplarit (the laterite) and Duplaplant (Tabs and
I do have a address for the English Dupla site(I think) and is J.P. Burleson
still active (I noticed is has a few Dupla things for sale but is this

Since I may not be able to set up the tank for a month, does anyone have
suggestions ( (; )
on how to store crypts, giant Val, Swords, Java etc.

My tank due to neglect is in a low growth mode, it has been interesting to
watch which plants survive the best (crypts, certain sp. now dominate the

Anyways, Thanks in advance for any advice...
BTW, did the list hiccup for the last 5 days??? The last one I received was

Bill Lynn