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Filtration question

Diego Barbosa: Merida97 at aol_com; dbarbosa at akingump_com

Hi everyone,

I just received a 55 gal tall tank (36"x12"x23") from a relative. The tank is 
in great condition and came with a very nice wooden stand and matching 
canopy, and two filters, one EHEIM 2215 (supposedly good for up to 93 gal 
tanks) and an Emperor 400 Bio-Wheel Filter.

I am about to set up a planted tank with CO2 injection and I have the feeling 
that running the two filters in this tank could be a little bit of overkill. 
I'm hoping I'm right about this because I would rather not use the Emperor in 
order to have as little equipment as possible hanging on the back of the 
tank. The tank is not very deep (front to back) and I need the room to sit my 
lighting system on top of it. So if I could use the EHEIM only, the Emperor 
wouldn't be in my way.

Of course that if I come to the conclusion that I am better of running both 
filters I will find the room for it.

I would appreciate your opinion regarding this issue. Should I use the EHEIM 
only and therefore have more room for the lights, or should I use the two 
filters in order to have more/better filtration and deal with the space issue 
(rearranging the lights set up)?

I thank you all in advance for your time and advise, and thank good for this 
mailing list.


PS: I am sure I'll be bugging you all with more questions in different areas 
while trying to put everything together and make it work, I apologize in 
advance and promise to learn as quick as possible.