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Sup-Ah! Sup-AH! Sup-AH!

Triple Superphosphate (says P2O5 on the bag) is an okee-doke source of 
phosphate, right? I just want to make sure before I make use of this stuff.
(I'm watching before I leap, but my pocketbook sure didn't ...) Somebody
thummp me with a nasty email if it's not good.

Oh ... and I have a different sort of trade option for anyone out there ...
a cup or two of this stuff for some plant matter? It's dry pelletized
sumthin'. I can write all of the label information down & email or send with
the stuff. I'm thinking of a healthy crypt, maybe? or ... I don't know.
Something healthy. Interesting stem plants. (Not anacharis, got it coming
out the ying-yang.) Anybody interested shoot me an offer off-list. The bag
is healthy - more than I can imagine needing, so several cup-fulls are
available. ... My plan is to brew a PMDD daily-dropper type of liquid mix
for myself.

Thanks again ...
Nathan Wittmaier
in Holden, MO

(BTW, I noticed looking at the archive that some things *are* fitting and
just. Tom Barr uses a Mac. Viva la revolution! ... however old it may be ...)