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Onyx experience


1. Rinsing. Did you rinse this stuff first or rely on the aquarium's filter
to take care of the yuck that came along with it?

>>>This stuff is dusty, but no where near as bad as the regular Flourite. I
was wondering if maybe one could spread the stuff out on a big sheet of
filter batting and run the garden hose on it to flush out the silt???

Oh, and does anyone else out there have anything to report on the Onyx

>> I have mixed the sand version half and half with Schultz's "Aquatic plant
soil" and I am pleased with how it looks and behaves. My 75g has been setup
this way since late January, so going on 5 months.  Like Tom, the Hairgrass
is going berserk, along with the Marselia (sp?) ferns and several spp. of
Crypts. (Wendti, retrospiralis, balansae, becketii)Some stem plants (R.
macranda, Mayaca, Ludwigia insculpta)have reacted negatively, although
whether it is the substrate that is responsible I'm not 100% certain. (BTW,
I am a Gomberg CO2/high light/feed fish heavily/regular water
changes/Flourish-Style aquascaper.) Anubias plants root right down in it
nicely as well. All-in-all, I am happy with the look and the way it grows
plants. My $.02!

Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

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