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Re: Onyx test tank


I've been thinking about Onyx for a new tank I bought this summer, and I
recalled that discussion about grain size. I figured the sand sounded
interesting, but I was concerned about two issues.

1. Rinsing. Did you rinse this stuff first or rely on the aquarium's filter
to take care of the yuck that came along with it? Flourite has a lot of gunk
with it ... it just seems like rinsing sand would be more difficult than
rinsing something that's more gravel-like. (I usually just put the stuff in
a bucket, then hop in the shower with it, and keep turning teh substrate
material over, filling the bucket, emptying the bucket ... maybe my rinsing
technique needs improvement anyway.) Just curious.

2. Compacting. I should probably just look back in the archives on this ...
I'm sure you brought it up with Greg.

Anyway, thanks ... BTW, folks, has there been a No. 1103?
Oh, and does anyone else out there have anything to report on the Onyx

Nathan Wittmaier
Holden, MO