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RE shipping plants from Can. to US

The short answer is, "Yes."  The long answer requires extensive
research, but US Customs (  
http://www.customs.gov/imp-exp2/pubform/compend/title_7.htm#top  )
states the following, which might be helpful tracking down relevent
regulations.  It's not the regulations, it's the certification and
exceptions processes that will drive you crazy.

"6. Plant and Plant Products. The importation of plants and plant
products is subject to regulations of the Department of Agriculture and
may be restricted or prohibited. Plants and plant products include
fruits, vegetables, plants, nursery stock, bulbs, roots, seeds, certain
fibers including cotton and broomcorn, cut flowers, sugarcane, certain
cereals, elm logs and elm lumber with bark attached. Import permits are
required. Further information should be obtained from the Animal and
Plant Heath Inspection Service. Also, certain endangered species of
plants may be prohibited or require permits or certificates. The Food
and Drug Administration also regulates plant and plant products,
particularly fruits and vegetables."

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