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Onyx test tank

Well, after a few months of doubt and worry the Onyx made by
SeaChem performed very well indeed. Better than I thought it
would. Dwarf Hargrass grew very well as did a number of crypts
even at 8 inch depth using only the sand(rather than the gravel
which seems quite-perhaps too- large). 
If your looking for a smaller grain size this is for you.
The color is interesting against greens as well. The color did
grow on me as I had the tank set up. 
I did not darken the tank like I thought it might. Could be all
the bright green plants too:)

I doubted and still doubted but it looks and does as good as the
flourite as far as I can tell. I have not used it for years and
years but it looks like a winner. 
Greg was grilled by me about the grain size for a few days but
he was right in the end. I was very skeptical to say the least
but am happy with it and will use it when the regular flourite
might not be what I'm after.
I have another 60 gallon cube which has it also so that will be
the long term test but initial 4-6 month test looks great. All
roots and growth looked great.

Tom Barr

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